European Onion Association 


Euronion is concerned with all questions relating to production, storage and marketing of bulb onions in Europe.

Euronion is a unique group of crop associations, researchers, growers and marketing companies which meets annually and represents research in progress and crop issues of harvest quantity and quality available throughout the main bulb onion producing countries of the EU. In 2016 the 20th year will be celebrated.

Countries presently involved are Spain, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany and Poland. The Chairman is Mr D E O’Connor, of the Allium and Brassica Centre in Kirton, Boston (United Kingdom).

Each Autumn the members meet in different countries to discuss various topics concerning onion production and trade. These are not open meetings but for exchange of information between the countries.

Mr P Hartvig from Aarhus University (Denmark) is the agrochemical specialist of the group. The availability of active substances for plant protection in the different countries of Europe is regularly monitored. An annual review is presented at the meeting.

Mr H-C Behr from AMI in Bonn is responsible for market intelligence on onions and coordinates the crop forecasts of Euronion. The member countries supply information on the prospective crop in their country, which is supplemented by information available from other sources.